Body Care

We understand that body care can directly affect a person’s mood, health and well-being. Therefore, we work meticulously to ensure our body care range is safe, gentle and suitable for all skin types.


Body Care Solutions

Sensitive skin, brightening, deep hydration, anti-pollution, anti- acne, dry skin, oily skin



Gel, emulsion, cream, gel-cream, water-cream, clay, scrub, foam, mist, liquid, oil, powder, sheet, soap


Range of Products

Shower cream,   Shower gel,   Body lotion/butter,   Body emulsion (gel/cream type),   Body scrub and exfoliation,   Moisturiser,  Whitening cream,   Slimming lotion,   Antiperspirants and deodorants,   Shaping and slimming,   Body and massage,   Sunblock,   Essential oil,   Soap,   Spray,   Perfume,   Shaving cream,  Mist,   Hot cream,   Hand series,   Foot series,   Lip series,   Feminine care,   Nail care

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What is shower gel?

It is a blend of mild detergents to clean the body. It may include different fragrances, textures and oils, depending on your requirements.


What is body scrub?

It is a combination of salts, sugars, seeds, or shells, or other particles for exfoliating and cleansing the skin. Scrub types include: thickened oil systems, wax technologies, gel based scrubs, emulsion based scrubs, and natural scrub particles.


What is body butter?

Similar to lotion, it is a product designed to nourish and moisturise the skin. It can be formulated to a wide range of viscosities, from light, easily absorbed to rich, intensive textures. Body butter types include: shave butter, intensive, thick cream, body oil, body cream, and hand cream.


Do you have the expertise to produce fragrances?

Yes. We have the expertise and knowledge to manage the whole process of fine fragrance manufacturing and development, starting from concept design and fragrance selection to tooling bespoke bottles and packaging for our clients.


What kind of fragrances can you manufacturer?

Eau de toilette, eau de parfum, body spray, body mists, solid perfume, cologne, shimmer fragrance, fragrance oil, essential oil, candle, and diffusers.


What is eau de parfum?

Eau de parfum typically contains over 15% pure fragrance essence. Therefore, it usually has a stronger scent.


What is eau de toilette?

Eau de toilette typically contains about 10% pure fragrance essence. Therefore, it usually has a lighter scent.


What about antiperspirant and deodorant? Do you produce them too?

Yes, we do. We provide both roll-on and stick manufacturing. We can also produce deodorant gel, cream and other unique concepts.


Are deodorant and antiperspirant the same?

No, they are quite different with different formulations. Deodorant kill bacteria and mask unpleasant smells with fragrance. Antiperspirant typically contains ingredients that can absorb sweat, providing greater comfort with the dry feeling. It also helps to prevent unsightly sweat marking on clothes. There is also “antiperspirant deodorant”, which combine both formulations to form an all-round product.


What are the popular categories for “antiperspirant deodorant’?

Anti-stain, long lasting protection, anti-bacterial, sensitive formulas, sport and additional benefits, such as hair minimising, whitening and anti-ageing.