State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities

Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, our manufacturing plant covers a total land area of 65,000 square feet, with a factory built-up of 30,000 square feet. Our operations are thoroughly secured, fire-protected and offer:

  • Full scale-up capabilities from small lab-size to large
    production batches.
  • Advanced on-site stability testing equipment to ensure every product passes stringent stability tests.
  • Flexible assembly processes that are capable of working with a variety of different packaging form factors.
  • The capacity to manufacture aerosol spray related products, the thinnest to the most viscous liquids, water-based and anhydrous formulations.
  • Spacious warehouse that keeps all the packaging
    accessories and equipment.
Quality & Service Excellence

Our management and production teams are highly skilled, dedicated and always prepared to deliver exceptional results within the shortest lead time possible.

All our products are mixed, filled, capped, labeled, coded and wrapped under scrupulous quality control procedures and standards. Product testing is conducted at multiple stages of formulation and manufacture to ensure consistency and quality.

With a strong adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices
(GMP), our products are export-ready and in compliance with
relevant international quality standards.

Progress and Innovation

We have an in-house Research & Development (R&D) team, which consists of scientists, chemists and relevant industry experts with decades of experience. The team is committed to creating and refining technologies to ensure our formulations and product lines are always improved to meet the demands of the 21st century consumers.

Our laboratory leverages on a vast collection of authoritative and innovative resources to conduct our research. Through our extensive network of suppliers, we gather detailed scientific knowledge on raw materials and their effectiveness.

All development processes undergo systematic testing of various actives and ingredient interaction. Samples are often provided to client focus panels for assessment. Our processes allow us to produce higher quality products and safer formulations.

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