Aerosol Spray

Private Cosmetic’s is capable of producing oil based, cream based and liquid based aerosol products. We practise nine (9) standard manufacturing steps to ensure each aerosol product is capped safely and appropriately.


We usually fill the gas and content into tin or aluminium cans. Should you have your own ingredients, you may pass to us for filling too.


What is aerosol?

Any non-reusable container made of metal, glass or plastic. It typically contains compressed, liquefied or dissolved under pressure gas, liquid, paste or powder. It is fitted with a release device, allowing the content to be ejected as solid or liquid particles in suspension in the form of gas, foam, paste, powder or liquid.


Are there any different types of aerosol?

There are aerosols in traditional system in tin-plate or aluminium cans. And there is bi-compartmental system, which comes in two formats: bag on valve (BOV) and bag in can (BIC). This system is ideal for sensitive products, thick gels, or products that have compatibility issues with propellant gasses. This system also gives true 360 degree spray.


Why use aerosol?

It is popular, well understood by consumers and easy to operate with controlled delivery, unique spray patterns and prevention of product contamination. It is aesthetically appealing and can be recycled.


What kind of products can be placed into an aerosol?

Anti-perspirant, deodorant, shaving gel and foam, post- foaming gel, hair styling product, tanning and bronzing product, depilatory, skincare, and cleaning product.

Want to know more?

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